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PrimaV® Packaging. PrimaV® ERP. The Business Software for your future. Today. 

This is your entry into a new age of manufacturing - when a software takes over the routines, you suddenly have time and space for your actual tasks: optimisation, problem-solving, management. 

PrimaV® does this for you. Continuous networking with customers and suppliers, perfect workflow automation and a perfectly integrated communication solution make your work and production processes easier, faster and more efficient. And safer and more transparent at the same time. 

What you get from this? More space. More safety. The total overview. Absolute control. The perfect basis for fast decision-making  And, finally, the opportunity to tackle more important things.

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New Version: PrimaV PPS

Fast. Transparent. Functional. The PrimaV Production Control Center scores with the latest technology, extended functionalities and perfect usability.