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CAD - Interfaces and Integration

The right hand knowing exactly what the left hand does...

Using the PrimaV® CAD interfaces product data such as information on articles, piece lists, drawings, 3D models etc. will be transferred easily and flexible from the CAD to the ERP system according free definable parametres and different mappings. Omitted are time consuming and laborious data maintenance and input mistakes that may result from two different systems. Single level bills are considered as well as multi level bills of material. Article and piece list data can be exported and imported.

Piece lists can be imported in different types such as manufacturing piece lists or construction piece lists depending from the individual and company-related organisation processes. The integration also allows to verifiy and display existing material reservations.

PrimaV® supposes of an application-specific CAD interface as well as an application-independent one.  


PrimaV® - Types of CAD Interfaces

Application-independant CAD-Interface: CAD data are transferred to the calculation of offers using a "document Service" reading PDF files. This type of interface can be used with any existing exterior CAD application.


Application-specific CAD interfaces or integrations are available for well-known CAD systems such as ERPA, Esko(Artios-CAD) oder Impact.