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PrimaV® Calculations

The safest and shortest way to submit offers

Independent of the type of packaging you are producing – your customer requires fast and secure price information on different product quantities and/or variants. The PrimaV® calculation focuses on strong specialisation in the pre-calculation of cardboard, folding boxes, displays, carrier bags, flexible packaging and foils.

Regardless of the complex processes involved the high automation and easy handling of the PrimaV® calculation enables you to effect price calculations quickly and most efficiently. Best way (in case of standard inquiries) your customer will receive his offer per e-mail still during the enquiry phone conversation. Once the CAD drawing is generated hierarchical piece lists for purchase, stock and production are created very quickly as well. 



  • Screen for fast data entry
  • Product configurator for simultaneous calculation in case of phone inquiry
  • Calculation of product variants
  • Dynamic parts lists
  • Hierarchical parts lists (multi-dimensional with components)
  • Staple calculation - simulation of price changes (e.g. material prices) of all calculations concerned
  • Consideration of most different types of production and printing (die cutting, coating, etc.)
  • Most different types of calculation
  • Price inquiry to suppliers out of calculation
  • Article allocation on combined sheets / combined form
  • Sheet allocation
  • Compartment assistent for corrugated boards
  • Standard article
  • Consideration of external services
  • CAD interfaces: available CAD application-specific or independant from CAD application
  • Braille comparison with PDF file
  • Product releases to be defined individually with documents/e-mail-allocation and history