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EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Fully automated Data Exchange

PrimaV® EDI enabels to convert business data (such as purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices) from your own ERP system into structured and standardised data and to send them electronically within seconds.

The rationalisation potential of business transactions is substantial. With EDI the manual effort can considerably be reduced and the data quality be increased.

EDI creates advantages over competitors who do not use EDI. The efficiency of your own organisation will be improved and simplified and the business relations with partner companies intensivated (suppliers, customers, forwarding agents, banks). Thus companies can prove their competence and high quality of service towards their business partners, e.g. in case of just-in-time deliveries.

Requirements for the use of EDI are standardised data formats for messages and unified communication channels for the transfer. To achieve these requirements both partners need EDI software. Our cooperation partner is   Softzoll GmbH & Co. KG in Berlin.


PrimaV® Supports the Message Types: