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Post Calculation

 Automatic Cost Calculation and -Control

Tasks and target of the post calculation are the cost calculation and control of completed orders as well as the calculation of actual data respective the actual profit. The precalculation will be verified by comparison of targets (given by the precalculation) and actual data. The result is important for future precalculations, as discrepancies can be found out and considered in future. Production processes and costs will be sustainably controlled and optimised. As economic figures contribution figure 1 and contribution figure 2 are available. 


  • Comparison "target - actual" corresponding to the precalculation
  • Coloured display of discrepancies
  • Detailed cost comparison e.g.:
  • Comparison of time and costs per machine (operational costs, set up costs, other costs)
  • Comparison of target quantities with material quantity of production data acquisition and material quantity reported
  • Comparison of material consumption (incoming material, risks, material wastage)
  • Consideration of special costs
  • Production postcalculation and simultaneous postcalculation