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PrimaV® mobile

Apps for Management and Sales Representatives

This is the way how you work in the 21st century: by linking mobile appliances with the stationary ERP system important data, information and schedules are available for management, employees and sales representatives - worldwide and always up-to-date.


PrimaV® iSales - the Sales Module:

Display, entry and handling of relevant data for you sales representatives such as

  • master data (customers and suppliers)
  • contact persons and reports of visits

Display of

  • documents and customer activities
  • sales as to customers, article groups and articles
  • customer sales with three-year-comparison

Integration of a business scheduler for you and your team

Linkage with the PrimaV® web calculation



Connection / synchronisation of mobile appliances:

Display of

  • the current production status on smartphone / tablet (machine, technical order number, article, status of the machine, actual quantity) 

Display and editing on smartphones of

  • contacts
  • appointments
  • e-mails