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Production/Machine Data Acquisition

Reduce Costs by transparent production processes

The PrimaV® production / machine data acquisition registers and analyses time, work and material expense of your production processes. The resulting data allow the automated calculation of the processes concerned. 

All production data are collected immediately and in real time and are available as information for the current production area. Distruptions and delays are indicated immediately to take steps for corresponding counter measures. Extensive and flexible valuation tools enable continuous product and process controlling.

The complete documentation of the product development assists you on the product documentation and lateron on the traceability and evaluation. 




  • Easy data entry per touch screen
  • Login per RFID chip and reader respective PIN entry per touchscreen
  • Face recognition per camera
  • Multiple machine management per terminal
  • Automated bookings
  • Display of PDF documents
  • Videojet compatible
  • SPS compatible (programmable logic controller)
  • Interface with PrimaV® time management
  • Masks customer-related configurable