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PrimaV® Quality Management

There is nothing that cannot be done in a better way...

To remain competitive in the scale of globalisation and internationalisation of markets companies have to adapt their products and services continously to their customers requirements.

The PrimaV® quality management accompanies your processes from the delivery of raw material to the moment when the product leaves your company. It stands for the sustainable optimisation as to material purchase, converting and control. With the PrimaV® quality management you will achieve a continous and significant improvement of your products.

Control of your Processes

from the delivery of raw material up to the finished product

Incoming goods:

  • Control of incoming material

Work preparation:

  • Request of material release

Production data acquisition:

  • defined sampling procedure on production process printing/die cutting
  • Issue of a print sheet control certificate

Quality securement of finished products:

  • Release of material / wastage
  • Issue of a final check certificate