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Time Management

Control your Personnel Time Accounts

The PrimaV® time management manages presence and absence times, days of illness and holidays of your employees under consideration of different work time models (full time and part time models, shift times). Presence and absence times are recorded via PrimaV® or external terminals. Extensive statistics and overviews enable efficient planning and organisation of time and personnel deployment.


  • Personnel master data management
  • management of working time and shift models
  • time recording via external terminal or PrimaV®
  • possibility of multiple jobs of employees on the same day
  • personnel planning (holidays, illness, compensatory time etc.)
  • data connection with organizer (scheduling, transfer of absences)
  • daten connection with PDE (transfer of times of presence and absence)
  • numerous possibilities of statistics via list printing (booking list, holiday / days of illness lists, presence list, ...)