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Workflow & Organizer

Intranet and smooth communication - the way to the paperless office

PrimaV® Workflow

Your customer calls - using your checklist you note the basics for the inquired product or

you get an e-mail – the e-mail will be defined as inquiry and completed with any product data required by the checklist.

The checklist is forwarded electronically with any available information. 

Advantage: instead of text you work with information that can directly be processed. Data information is available structured and in complete order. The processes can be handled clearly and in an transparent way. Communication between the departments is electronically, handmade notes or mistakable interpretations of text do no longer occur. All authorized and involved employees are informed on the current order and process status.

PrimaV® Organizer

PrimaV® Organizer is an integrated communication module with outlook-similar functions. On one hand it enables the internal electronical communication via intranet. On the other hand seamless communication with external partners (customers, suppliers etc.) by sending documents such as offers, order confirmations or invoices directly from the ERP system as e-mail or fax. E-mail addresses and standard text can be automatically selected and inserted. All process or customer data are summarized compactly, documents can be attached and documents put on automatic recall. Inquiries, orders and processes are always available for your staff and additional information can added and processed. 

PrimaV® Scheduler

The PrimaV® Scheduler displays transparently all business appointments and absences of your employees.

Meeting participants can be invited, reminders set or appointment-related documents being attached. Thanks to the link to the PrimaV time management absences such as vacation days, days of illness etc. are automatically displayed. Numerous filter and and authorization settings enable employees and departments to set up the scheduler individually.