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PrimaV® DMS - Approved and Certified Document Management and Archiving


Time for Change. Time for Digital Archiving.

Find information quickly and any time, process and share them. Archive documents in revision-proof manner, accelerate processes and improve cooperation: PrimaV® DMS provides all this full range.

All documents and e-mails are efficiently managed in a central archive accessible to all employees, archived revision-proof and found without problems throughout the enterprise thanks to effective search and filter functions.

PrimaV® DMS is needless integrated in PrimaV®, however, as stand alone system it is also compatible with any other ERP systems. 

Available is revision-proof e-mail-archiving as well as management and archiving of documents.

The combination of precise text recognition and high-performance keyword research allows comfortable and quick access to any information required by your employees. The system provides optical character recognition (OCR) for scanned and photographed documents.