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With PrimaV® ERP to Success

Networking. Data Efficiency. Perfectioning the Workflow Optimisation. Communication.

With PrimaV® ERP you bring the new ERP-generation into your company.

Why should you do that? There are three reasons for this:

  1. The effortless automation of all business processes helps you to work in a more relaxed, and more efficient manner and faster.
  2. Integrated communication solutions reduce errors, accelerate workflows and take care of the necessary transparency of all processes.  
  3. The complete and continuous control of the system (e.g. by  self-updating post-calculations) gives you a full overview and enables you to recognize optimisation potentials. 

PrimaV® ERP, the software solution for middle-sized production companies affords you space. Speed. Control. Safety. And a new, relaxed style of working.



Contract manufacture and variant production

PrimaV ERP for commissioned production maps all operational processes for commissioned order processing, production planning and control. Among other things, this solution offers a variant configurator via dynamic and/or hierarchical parts lists, preliminary and simultaneous costing as well as post-calculation, production control and operating data acquisition.

PrimaV® ERP for contract manufacture and serial production for:

  • mechanical engineering, vehicle construction and automotive suppliers
  • The processing sector (e.g. metal processing companies)
  • Companies with variant production
  • Foil production
  • Companies with made-to-order, small series and serial production
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