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PrimaV® OPAL - the Production Software for Corrugators

The OPAL components are perfectly matched software modules for planning, control, survey and optimization of card board production. The corrugator modules have originially been developped and taken care of by the Orderline Datenverarbeitungs Systeme GmbH in Halstenbek and have successfully been in use for more than 25 years in numerous installations of wellknown card board production companies. They are continuously adapted to latest technology as well as practical requirements. Orderline Datenverarbeitungs Systeme GmbH became a subsidiary of SSH Software und Systemberatung GmbH in July 2018 and was merged with SSH GmbH in August 2019.

The OPAL software - acting as interface between internal IT, ERP system and corrugator -  comprises important production specific components which are usually not provided by standard ERP systems. Available are interfaces with PrimaV Verpackung as well as with any other (specific) ERP systems. The connection with the production machines is established by most efficient interfaces.  

The ERP systems are connected either by interfaces or integration in the data base of your commercial IT. 




Cut List Optimization - Transfer day’s programs directly to the corrugator


This module describes the basis module of the OPAL systems. It serves the creation of optimum cut lists, which are composed to a day’s program and transferred directly to the corrugator

Within the cut list optimization the creation of the cost-optimized production programs is executed under consideration of the criteria trim waste, format change, sort change or width change as well as profit.

Optimum cut lists, creation of cost-optimized production programs and extensive statistical analysis.

The system comes with extensive software for statistical analysis. In connection with approved interfaces to the corrugator Control PC an immediate balance of the planned and the really produced orders happens.

Corrugator Control System


This module serves the control and supply of the machines at the corrugator with the cut lists created in the planning system. It surveys the production process and reports back completed orders. The OPAL Corrugator Control System can be connected with most machines (even older brands). It forms the connection between the OPAL planning system and the process PCs at the corrugator and provides the takeover of the order data and back-report of the production data.

In connection with the OPAL planning system the automatic balance of the plan data with the actual data of the control system is effected, further the master data of the planning system are balanced automatically (sorts, papers etc.).

The system is based on standardized PCs with current Windows versions. The operation is effected via a clear-text function key and can be executed even by inexperienced staff self-reliant.

Functions of the OPAL Corrugator Control System:

  • interface to the creaser and scorer automat, cross cutter, layer etc.
  • automatic synchronization with the format changel
  • automatic takeover of the cut list from the OPAL planning system
  • manual control, extension and change of the cut list at the Corrugator Control PC.
  • calculation of the plan- and production periods from actual order list
  • print of the actual order list for dry end sector (settings) and wet end sector (paper need)
  • automatic takeover of the master data for sorts and papers from teh data base of the OPAL planning PC
  • survey of the corrugator order flow rate
  • of the completely produced settings
  • graphic display of the generated production performance (corrugator production monitor)
  • stand-still collection, entry of stand-still reasons
  • data back-report
  • shift protocol
  • automatic print of the stack notes at the layer with barcode