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PrimaV® Packaging - that your future starts today

All packaging processes under control with a modern, highly specialised branch Software

Software for People. The new ERP generation creates the interlocking of industrial production and modern information and communication technology.

PrimaV® Packaging thereby focuses on people as users. More specifically: people as employees in the cardboard and packaging industry.

PrimaV® Packaging facilitates the configuration, calculation and production of "simple" cardboard boxes as well as highly complex packaging products for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries and multi-part displays based on logical and foreseeable alternatives.

There is no Business Software that can be more specific...

Optimized Production Processes as a Basis for your Corporate Success

Converting of Corrugated Board - Compartment Assistent

Corrugated boards are taken for granted in everyday life. However, it is often overlooked that this is a complex product requiring a high degree of manufacturing competence. Thus, during the manufacturing process, operations such as cutting, punching, grooving, printing, glueing and stapling occur. For corrugated boards to meet your requirements,  a high degree of precision is required.  Therefore it is vital to permanently track and control the process steps in production.

PrimaV® Packaging assists you in managing and controlling your processes to achieve a smooth production workflow. Our longstanding cooperation with customers in the cardboard and packaging industries and the resulting know-how have made PrimaV® Packaging a tool that is customized to your requirements and wishes.  The entire process chain can be transparently mapped and controlled with our ERP software.

The Automation of Complex Processes creates Safety

Screenshot PrimaV® Packaging

When manufacturing folding cartons, PrimaV® Packaging helps you to handle the individual components of the process chain automatically for the most part. In this way you can achieve an optimised workflow and gain an overview and control over your production workflows.

In close cooperation with our customers we have created a tool for folding cartons with PrimaV® Packaging  that is optimally suited to your product- specific requirements.  The ERP software allows you not only to map the entire process chain from the enquiry to dispatch, but the transparency of the workflow permits you to react quickly to any changes that may occur.


Functionality of the folding box

  • Arrangement of articles on multiple-product layouts (multiple-product form): several runs of same type, same dimension, same material, but different printing (e.g. several languages) are arranged in an optimal way on your print sheets.
  • For the folding carton production in the pharmaceutical sector, we provide an important functionality with the embossed printing (braille) comparison   with PDF files.
  • Traceability of material: material and item batches can be traced along all internal processes in PrimaV® Packaging.
  • Consideration of the most varied types of production and printing (die-cutting, coating, etc.)
  • Item distribution on multiple-product layouts / multiple-product form.
  • Sheet allocation
  • Article releases can be defined individually with documents/e-mail allocation and history.
  • The connection to your CAD application is made through interfaces to external systems or through the application-independent data transfer via PDF documents.

Display Production based on highly Specialised Processes

Display Calculation with Process Forwarding

What the customer  only perceives to be a means of presenting goods demands the highest level of competence in production. Displays undergo a high number of partially very complex production steps. Here not only the production and assembly of individual components such as cardboard parts, the floor base or supporting plastic parts play an important role.

In a profitable company, the entire handling process must run smoothly and must not skip any steps in the value chain.

Criteria such as the level of wage labour for assembling the parts must also be included in the final price along with the material costs of the components. Our software supports you optimally and comprehensively from the delivery of the goods through production and calculation of the final price.

PrimaV® Packaging relieves your workload throughout the value chain

CAD data is imported into the calculation of offers by reading out the various integration possibilities of the external CAD applications.  The components of a display are mapped sheet by sheet and are allocated to assemblies.  Supply parts are exposed for future stock-keeping.  Standard parts can be integrated into an individual display. 

Decision-making tools for buy or produce are also available.  These functionalities are automatically displayed across systems (workflow).

As Specific Software can be...

Carrier bags can be made from all conceivable materials,  in most different types and dimensions, consisting of coated or natural paper, either varnished or not.  With various perforations, round or flat grip tapes made of textiles, paper or cord.   With exclusive features and numerous finishing technologies or kept deliberately simple and ecologically sustainable. Carrier bags are as individual as the companies they represent.

With PrimaV® Packaging you get an ERP tool that is perfectly customized to meet all requirements of carrier bag production and customer wishes.  With the help of  a product configurator you comfortably determine the features of the bags to be produced.   The system automatically calculates the size of the body of the bag and the hold system.  All production steps arising from the configurations are started at the touch of a button and passed on. 

Whether in-house production  or external production for agencies: PrimaV® Packaging automises the entire production chain and makes complex processes transparent, fast and clear.