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As Specific Software can be...

Carrier bags can be made from all conceivable materials,  in most different types and dimensions, consisting of coated or natural paper, either varnished or not.  With various perforations, round or flat grip tapes made of textiles, paper or cord.   With exclusive features and numerous finishing technologies or kept deliberately simple and ecologically sustainable. Carrier bags are as individual as the companies they represent.

With PrimaV® Packaging you get an ERP tool that is perfectly customized to meet all requirements of carrier bag production and customer wishes.  With the help of  a product configurator you comfortably determine the features of the bags to be produced.   The system automatically calculates the size of the body of the bag and the hold system.  All production steps arising from the configurations are started at the touch of a button and passed on. 

Whether in-house production  or external production for agencies: PrimaV® Packaging automises the entire production chain and makes complex processes transparent, fast and clear.