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Display Production based on highly Specialised Processes

Display Calculation with Process Forwarding

What the customer  only perceives to be a means of presenting goods demands the highest level of competence in production. Displays undergo a high number of partially very complex production steps. Here not only the production and assembly of individual components such as cardboard parts, the floor base or supporting plastic parts play an important role.

In a profitable company, the entire handling process must run smoothly and must not skip any steps in the value chain.

Criteria such as the level of wage labour for assembling the parts must also be included in the final price along with the material costs of the components. Our software supports you optimally and comprehensively from the delivery of the goods through production and calculation of the final price.

PrimaV® Packaging relieves your workload throughout the value chain

CAD data is imported into the calculation of offers by reading out the various integration possibilities of the external CAD applications.  The components of a display are mapped sheet by sheet and are allocated to assemblies.  Supply parts are exposed for future stock-keeping.  Standard parts can be integrated into an individual display. 

Decision-making tools for buy or produce are also available.  These functionalities are automatically displayed across systems (workflow).