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PrimaV® Repair - Repair Service meets Digitalisation


Repair. Maintenance. Service. Guarantee: Software-Specialisation at highest level

Maintenance and repair are services we cannot renounce on - even in times of digitalisation, where machines and appliances are more and more connected and even complex processes are only triggered manually.  

Regarding that highly automised surroundings the special business software PrimaV® Repair is specialised on a high level to optimize your service processes efficiently - no matter the industry your company belongs to - whether technic/machinery, electronics, IT, watches, precision mechanics, industry appliances etc. 

From error analysis, cost estimation, spare part orders and piece list management up to the invoicing of your services and dispatch or return of goods to your customers PrimaV Repair offers professional and tailormade processes for any special requirements. PrimaV Repair manages product as well as service related processes efficiently and highly automised.