Optimise workflow.
Automate processes.
Organise networks.

One system for all your processes:
PrimaV® Packaging

Control all your packaging processes with modern, industry-specific ERP software.
PrimaV® Packaging is individually tailored to your business processes. The high degree of automation and connectivity ensures efficiency along the entire value chain.

PrimaV® Packaging in brief:

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As leading industry software, PrimaV® Packaging can be tailored to any and all of the product diversity in the packaging industry, for the product regions of processing and producing corrugated and solid cardboard, folding boxes, displays and printing. Preconfigured processes along the entire value chain ensure efficiency and transparency of all your work. Our software solution focuses on cross-company digitisation and process automation. PrimaV® Packaging offers all the functions you need for operational requirements from initial order to final production.

With automated quote calculations, supply chain management, smooth production processes and an integrated document management system, PrimaV® Packaging efficiently supports your processes by being sector-specific. Web solutions and mobile apps are also available to help you digitise all your processes and enable access to important information anywhere you go.


PrimaV® Packaging – ERP/PPS. The industry software of the future for today.

PrimaV® Packaging can be used by small to medium-sized firms as well as larger companies with multiple manufacturing sites.

PrimaV® is multi-site, multi-client, multi-language, and multi-currency capable.

PrimaV® packaging is based on Microsoft technology and can be installed/used on terminal servers as well as on local clients.

PrimaV® ensures permanent functionality, with new technological developments, offering you long-term investment security.

The software’s modular composition enables it to be tailored specifically to your company and product-specific requirements.


Industry-specific and bespoke configurations

Quote calculation

Industry-specific product quotes, tailored to your company

Order management

All your receipts at a glance – transparency and connectivity across all departments

Purchasing & materials management

The interface between the purchasing department, suppliers and production

Production planning

All production processes and manufacturing steps at a glance

Production / process control centre

Central planning and control of your production processes

Production data acquisition BDE

Record and analyse time, production and material expenditure directly at your machine terminal

Dispatch planning

Tailor-made planning of shipping routes by combining orders and batches

Warehouse & Logistics

Map your storage and logistics processes more transparently


Configure key data for better company management


Post-calculation of your business processes


Connectivity for your company: Communication made simple with the integrated e-mail client

Stacker & Scanner

Mobile apps for optimal mapping of material and goods movements


Options and additional modules

Quality management

Controlled increase in your product quality

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Find customers – keep customers

Interfaces & Partners

Cross-company networking

PrimaV® Web

Global connections with the ERP system

FSC accounting system

Tracking FSC materials along the entire value chain

EDI Electronic Data Interchange

Automate data exchange

Staff time-tracking

Have a clear overview of your staff hours at all times – all the information at a glance

You and SSH

Live and work at a holiday destination

The PrimaV® Quote calculation

The perfect quote calculation for every package

The PrimaV® Quote calculation offers a high degree of automation. With predefined configurations, it guides you quickly, securely and easily to the right price quote for your packaging production.


  • Quick entry mask
  • Product configurator for immediate quote calculations for telephone inquiries
  • Quote calculations for product variants
    Dynamic BOMs
  • Hierarchical BOMs (multidimensional with assemblies)
  • Batch calculation – simulation of price changes (e.g. material prices) for all quote calculations
  • Various types of production and printing (punching, laminating, etc.) taken into account
  • Various types of quote calculation
  • Supplier price request made from quote calculated
  • Item distribution on collective sheets/collective form
  • Sheet assignment
  • Partition assistant for corrugated board processing
  • Standard items
  • Takes into account external work required
  • CAD interfaces: application-specific / independent
  • Braille comparison with PDF file
  • Item releases can be individually defined with document/email assignment and history

Order management/sales

Overview – Transparency – Flexibility

Easy to use. A transparent customer information system with a complete overview of your order processes. Find information quickly on the status of customer orders: the PrimaV® Order Management function makes life easier for your back office and frees up time and space for what’s really important.


  • Complete data management (customers/suppliers/items/conditions)
  • Order management with process history
  • Integrated communication solutions possible
  • Manual collective delivery notes/invoices
  • Process framework agreements
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Commission statements
  • Complaint management
  • Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable
  • Open item management with dunning
  • Batch traceability (material, article)
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Numerous filter and search criteria

PrimaV® Purchasing / Materials Management

The interface between the purchasing department, suppliers and production

The PrimaV® Purchasing / Materials Management module makes your order, price management and schedule-based systems a breeze. It manages these systems and supports you in the maintenance and processing of all supplier-related activities: creating and managing orders, checking incoming invoices, calculating landed costs, as well as processing and managing returns and credits.


  • Material requests – with or without customer orders
  • Collective ordering of all material requirements from suppliers
  • Blanket purchase orders and individual orders
  • Supplier/carrier management
  • Order-neutral scheduling
  • Accounts payable management, payments and dunning
  • Data medium exchange
  • Extensive filter and selection options
  • Evaluations / Statistics

PrimaV® Production planning

With optimised planning and structuring of workflow, you can create the ideal conditions for a smooth production run. The production planning module offers the perfect functions for you to check material availability, as well as make material requests for both order-neutral and order-related items.


You can directly make orders or calls for contract quantities, and the material flow is also supported via an extended workbench. You can also create a capacity plan based on cost centres or machines.


    • Scheduling
    • Existing materials
    • Tools
    • Cliches

      Selection of orders to be produced based on various criteria:

    • Creation of work files with CAD drawing (with CAD connection)

  • Customisable pallet slips with barcodes

  • Production notifications with stock entry

  • Production order

  • Process control

Production / process control centre

Controlled guidance of your production processes

Production control enables detailed control of all your processes, from machine planning to production notification, all the way to product completion. This module offers Gantt charts or a numerical production control station, capacity management, individual process management and alternative resource groups. With the Production Planning module of PrimaV®, you can gain complete transparency and control of your production processes.

The PrimaV® Process control centre has been redesigned and now offers a variety of new options that make production even easier and more transparent. As well as technical improvements in speed and handling, the new control centre can, amongst other things, use frozen zones to schedule production orders semi-automatically. The control centre can also create overlapping orders, with even more precisely calculated scheduling.


  • Graphic planning board, planning optimisation
  • Selection of orders to be produced based on various criteria
  • Production notifications / production orders
  • Graphic process control station with Gantt chart
  • Numerical process control centre (displayed with day/week overview)
  • Frozen-zones for semi-automatic scheduling
  • Capacity planning
  • Machine/Cutting die/cliche management
  • End-to-end serial number/batch tracking
  • Display of the current production status on tablet/smartphone
  • Overlapping manufacturing sequences
  • JDF/JMF compliance (Heidelberger printing machines)

Operational/machine data acquisition

Reduce costs through transparent manufacturing processes

The PrimaV® Production/machine data acquisition BDE and MDE module registers and analyses the time, work and material expenditure for your production processes. Based on these results, costs are automatically calculated.
All production data is collected immediately and in real time, and is available for the current production processes. Malfunctions and delays are signalled immediately so that appropriate countermeasures can be taken. Extensive and flexible evaluation tools enable continuous product and process control.
By recording all data around your product development, the software supports you with all process documentation and later tracing and evaluation processes.


  • Simple data collection via touch screen
  • Login via RFID chip and reader or PIN entry via touchscreen
  • Face recognition by camera
    Management of multiple machines per terminal
  • Automatic bookings
  • Viewing PDF documents
  • Videojet compatible
  • PLC compatible (programmable logic controller)
  • Interface to PrimaV® staff time-tracking
  • Masks can be configured according to customer requirements

PrimaV® Dispatch planning

The PrimaV® Dispatch planning module offers a seamless connection to the PrimaV® Warehouse management and production module. By planning orders due for production early and allocating shipping routes, you can create better transparency, predictability. This saves (storage) time and (transport) costs – it’s a win for everyone involved.


  • Record of planning days, preliminary planning and sorting of orders according to the corrugator or the last processing machine (just in time)
  • Display of the current inventory from the PrimaV® module for dispatch planning / list overview
  • Overview is structured according to planning day
  • Order distribution in the planning overview for transport/carrier firms.
  • Generation of shipping routes from the pre-planning stage
  • List dispatch by handover to the hand scanner/stacker terminal or printing of packing lists
  • Generation of delivery notes for each unloading location

Warehouse & Logistics

Digitisation in the spotlight

PrimaV® Warehouse optimises your warehouse and materials management. All processes become transparent and efficiently controlled. The module helps you significantly reduce your storage costs, as well as throughput and response times.


Internal Storage & Logistics:

  • Warehouse bookings with barcode scanner
  • Dynamic stock valuation
  • inventory processing
  • Storage/relocation/provision from production
  • High-bay/moving storage management
  • Dispatch planning
  • Forklift terminal
  • Batch traceability

External Warehouse & Logistics:

  • Connections to high-bay storage systems
  • Connection to conveyor technology
  • Shipping/route planning
  • Optimisation of storage space (integration of third-party system)
  • External or consignment warehouse
  • Connection to carrier firms

PrimaV® Analytics

Make company decisions based on real data – build a solid foundation of comprehensive, reliable and meaningful key figures.

With PrimaV® Analytics, you can individually compile, evaluate and present statistics and evaluations that are company-specific and always up to date.

Whether its incoming orders, item data, sales figures, cost centres or other important key figures – your data is displayed clearly in numerical or graph form on your dashboard, showing you the most important data at a glance, in your desired form. Customised for your individual company, profit centre-related or cross-production site.

The perfect foundation to build your business decisions on…

PrimaV® Post calculations

The aim of post-calculations is to determine and control the costs of orders that have already been processed and to calculate the actual data and profit made. By comparing target specifications from the pre-calculation and the actual data, the pre-calculation can be checked, and the result can be used to carry out future pre-calculations. Deviations are identified and can be taken into account in future pre-calculations. This optimises sustainably controls manufacturing processes and costs. Contribution margin 1 and Contribution margin 2 are available as key figures.


  • Master data management (customers/suppliers/items/conditions)
  • Order management with process history
  • Integrated communication solution possible
  • Manual collective delivery notes/invoices
  • Processing of framework agreements
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Commission statements
  • Complaint management
  • Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable
  • Open item management with dunning
  • Batch traceability (material, article)
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Numerous filter and search criteria
  • Comparison of target quantities with yield from the BDE and reported yield
  • Comparison of material consumption (incoming, hazards, waste)
  • Inclusion of special costs
  • Production and concurrent final costing

PrimaV® Organiser

The interface between sales, suppliers and production

The PrimaV® Purchasing / Materials Management module makes your order, price management and schedule-based systems a breeze. It manages these systems and supports you in the maintenance and processing of all supplier-related activities: Creating and managing purchase orders, checking incoming invoices, calculating landed costs, and processing and managing returns and credit.


  • Material requests – with or without customer orders
  • Collective ordering of all material requirements from suppliers
  • Blanket purchase orders or individual orders
  • Supplier/carrier management
  • Order-neutral disposition
  • Accounts payable management, payment and dunning
  • Data medium exchange
  • Extensive filter and selection options
  • Evaluations / Statistics

Stacker & Scanner

The interface between your sales department, suppliers and production

With the PrimaV® forklift terminal, your forklifts are conveniently connected to the system. Plans are made in PrimaV ® and passed on to the forklift terminal as a to-do. Pallets can be booked in and out and delivery notes can be generated via the terminal.
All forklift tasks are taken into account –from packing a shipping route, to booking pallets into the warehouse. In the high-bay warehouse, the forklift driver is supported by a graphic display of the target storage block. Barcodes can be used to trigger bookings in PrimaV in goods receipt, as well as in production and in the warehouse. Connecting the forklift and the scanner allows you to digitise other business processes from one single source.

PrimaV® Quality management

There’s nothing that can’t be made better...

Due to the globalisation and internationalisation of markets, companies have to continuously adapt the quality of their products and services to the needs of their customers so they can stay competitive.
The PrimaV® Quality management module supports your processes from the delivery of the raw materials, all the way to the moment when the end-product leaves the factory. The module is all about sustainable optimisation in the procurement, processing and control of your materials. With the PrimaV® Quality management module, you can achieve a continuous and significant improvement of your products.

Control your processes

From the delivery of raw materials to the finished product

Receipt of goods:

  • Incoming material inspection

Process planning:

  • Material release request

Production data acquisition:

  • Defined sampling procedure in the production process of printing/punching
  • Creation of sheet control certificate

Quality assurance of finished goods:

  • Approval of yield / rejects
  • Creation of the final inspection certificate

CRM Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationships in focus

The functions of the Organiser enable direct internal and external communication with business partners via fax, e-mail and telephone. This makes routine work easier, speeds up workflows and saves you time and money. Newsletter and marketing campaigns can support your sales team and automate your marketing activities – all so that you can further expand your customer base.

The processes and information recorded in marketing and sales enable the optimal maintenance of business relationships. Your field staff can access customer-related information, invoices, order history or current sales figures at any time, and can even enter new orders directly in the system.

With your business processes are accelerated – sellers and customers benefit equally.

PrimaV® CRM – Functions:

  • Integrated communication module (fax, email)
  • Document/address/process management
  • Appointment management (individual/group appointments)
  • Sales Action Planning
  • Marketing campaigns with evaluations
  • Document management
  • Numerous filters/selection options
  • CTI functionality (Computer Telephony Integration)
  • Worldwide cell phone synchronisation of appointments and contacts

Interfaces & Partners

PrimaV® can be fully integrated. In order to meet the diverse technical requirements of our customers and to be able to guarantee a wide-ranging network, we offer interfaces with a wide variety of partners.

Want to find out whether your partners are already connected to our system?

Feel free to contact us!

Full integration capability – cross-company networking

  • Financial accounting (all common providers)
  • CAD applications (all common providers)
  • Document archiving (PrimaV DMS and third-party solutions)
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Conveyor technology
  • High-bay storage systems
  • Dispatch logistics systems (route planning)
  • Intrastat
  • JDF/JDM (Heidelberger Printing Machines)
  • Load Space Optimization
  • Supplier interfaces (all common corrugated board manufacturers)
  • Tapi

Web solutions

Global connections with the ERP system

With the PrimaV® Web solutions you can access information worldwide: Expand your business reach with web-based services, achieve shorter processing times and thereby reduce your costs. Everything benefits from this – your staff in the office and in the field, as well as your customers.

Improve cooperation with your business partners by providing them with a convenient web platform. Your customers can independently calculate item prices, find out about the status of their orders, determine availability, request quotes or place orders. This takes the load off your team while offering your customers a comprehensive service.


Functions of the PrimaV Web calculation

  • Quick entry of the calculation in PrimaV®
  • Direct creation of customer quotes/orders
  • Data transfer to the PrimaV production system in real time
  • Quick and easy circulation price determination for the web user
  • Display/download as a PDF document and email delivery

Functions of the PrimaV Web shop

  • Display of framework agreements and direct order retrieval 
  • Article display, including stock levels
  • Display of the current order status
  • Quote creation can be made directly by the customer online

PrimaV® FSC Accounting system

Automatic cost determination and control

The demand for FSC-certified material is constantly rising as it guarantees the consumer sustainable forestry practices. Here, the focus is on a product’s entire value chain. From the processing, the dealer, and to the end consumer, certified FSC goods must not be mixed with other materials.

The PrimaV® FSC module provides all the necessary functions to ensure a consistent flow of FSC goods. It considers the entire product chain, from purchasing through production, to accounting.

A prerequisite is providing the FSC markings for the master data within the PrimaV® application. This includes customers, vendors, sales items and materials, as well as the associated vendor items.

The printout of the FSC category (incl. percentage for FSC-Mix) and the article-specific FSC number can be made on the order side as well as on the customer side.

A final evaluation or comparison of the receipt of goods and the outgoing goods (including rejects) can also be generated.

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Fully automated data exchange

PrimaV® EDI makes it possible to convert business data (such as orders, delivery notes, invoices) from your own ERP system into structured and standardized data and send it electronically, in just a few seconds.

This gives you a great potential for rationalization in your business transactions. With EDI, you can significantly reduce the manual effort required, while increasing data quality.

EDI can give you competitive advantages over those not using it. It improves your company’s organisation and simplifies and intensifies business relationships with partner firms (suppliers, customers, freight forwarders, banks, etc.). In this way, you can prove your quality and skills to your partners competence, for example with just-in-time deliveries.

Prerequisites for using EDI are standardised data formats for messages and uniform communication channels for their transmission. To achieve this, both business partners need EDI software. Our partner is Softzoll GmbH & Co. KG in Berlin.

PrimaV® supports the following message types:

Orders (commissioned by customer)

ORDRSP (order confirmation to customer)

Desadv (Delivery Advice Message)


Staff time-tracking

Staff hours under control at all times

The PrimaV® User management/time-tracking module manages your staff attendance and absences, sick days and holidays, taking into account various work formats (full and part-time, or shift work). Attendance and absences are recorded via PrimaV® or external terminals. Extensive evaluations and overviews enable efficient planning and design of staff time and deployment.


  • HR Master Data Management
  • Management of work times and shift patterns
  • Time-tracking via external terminal or PrimaV®
  • Allows for multiple employee-tasks in a single working day
  • Staff planning (holiday, sick days, time in lieu, etc.)
  • Data link with the Organiser (appointment planning, covering absences)
  • Data link with BDE (transfer of attendance and absence times)
  • Numerous evaluation options via list printing (booking list, holiday/sick-day lists, attendance list, …)