EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Fully automated data exchange

PrimaV® EDI makes it possible to convert business data (such as orders, delivery notes, invoices) from your own ERP system into structured and standardized data and send it electronically, in just a few seconds.

This gives you a great potential for rationalization in your business transactions. With EDI, you can significantly reduce the manual effort required, while increasing data quality.

EDI can give you competitive advantages over those not using it. It improves your company’s organisation and simplifies and intensifies business relationships with partner firms (suppliers, customers, freight forwarders, banks, etc.). In this way, you can prove your quality and skills to your partners competence, for example with just-in-time deliveries.

Prerequisites for using EDI are standardised data formats for messages and uniform communication channels for their transmission. To achieve this, both business partners need EDI software. Our partner is Softzoll GmbH & Co. KG in Berlin.

PrimaV® supports the following message types:

Orders (commissioned by customer)

ORDRSP (order confirmation to customer)

Desadv (Delivery Advice Message)