PrimaV® FSC Accounting system

Automatic cost determination and control

The demand for FSC-certified material is constantly rising as it guarantees the consumer sustainable forestry practices. Here, the focus is on a product’s entire value chain. From the processing, the dealer, and to the end consumer, certified FSC goods must not be mixed with other materials.

The PrimaV® FSC module provides all the necessary functions to ensure a consistent flow of FSC goods. It considers the entire product chain, from purchasing through production, to accounting.

A prerequisite is providing the FSC markings for the master data within the PrimaV® application. This includes customers, vendors, sales items and materials, as well as the associated vendor items.

The printout of the FSC category (incl. percentage for FSC-Mix) and the article-specific FSC number can be made on the order side as well as on the customer side.

A final evaluation or comparison of the receipt of goods and the outgoing goods (including rejects) can also be generated.