PrimaV® mobil

Apps for management and field service

Ideal working for the 21st century: Link your mobile devices to the stationary ERP system. All the important data, information and appointments are available to your managers, employees and field staff – worldwide, promptly and always up to date.


PrimaV® iSales – The mobile sales module:

Display, capture and process all data relevant to sales, such as

  • Master data (customer and supplier)
  • Contacts and visitor reports

Connection / synching on mobile devices:

Displays of current production status on smartphone/tablet (machine, operational order number, item, machine status, actual quantity)

View and edit via smartphone:





Displays of

  • Receipts and customer activities
  • Sales divided by customers, item groups or items
  • 3-year comparisons of customer sales 

Integration of a business scheduler for you and your team

Interface to PrimaV® Web Calculation