Web solutions

Global connections with the ERP system

With the PrimaV® Web solutions you can access information worldwide: Expand your business reach with web-based services, achieve shorter processing times and thereby reduce your costs. Everything benefits from this – your staff in the office and in the field, as well as your customers.

Improve cooperation with your business partners by providing them with a convenient web platform. Your customers can independently calculate item prices, find out about the status of their orders, determine availability, request quotes or place orders. This takes the load off your team while offering your customers a comprehensive service.


Functions of the PrimaV Web calculation

  • Quick entry of the calculation in PrimaV®
  • Direct creation of customer quotes/orders
  • Data transfer to the PrimaV production system in real time
  • Quick and easy circulation price determination for the web user
  • Display/download as a PDF document and email delivery

Functions of the PrimaV Web shop

  • Display of framework agreements and direct order retrieval 
  • Article display, including stock levels
  • Display of the current order status
  • Quote creation can be made directly by the customer online