Production / process control centre

Controlled guidance of your production processes

Production control enables detailed control of all your processes, from machine planning to production notification, all the way to product completion. This module offers Gantt charts or a numerical production control station, capacity management, individual process management and alternative resource groups. With the Production Planning module of PrimaV®, you can gain complete transparency and control of your production processes.

The PrimaV® Process control centre has been redesigned and now offers a variety of new options that make production even easier and more transparent. As well as technical improvements in speed and handling, the new control centre can, amongst other things, use frozen zones to schedule production orders semi-automatically. The control centre can also create overlapping orders, with even more precisely calculated scheduling.


  • Graphic planning board, planning optimisation
  • Selection of orders to be produced based on various criteria
  • Production notifications / production orders
  • Graphic process control station with Gantt chart
  • Numerical process control centre (displayed with day/week overview)
  • Frozen-zones for semi-automatic scheduling
  • Capacity planning
  • Machine/Cutting die/cliche management
  • End-to-end serial number/batch tracking
  • Display of the current production status on tablet/smartphone
  • Overlapping manufacturing sequences
  • JDF/JMF compliance (Heidelberger printing machines)