PrimaV® Quality management

There’s nothing that can’t be made better...

Due to the globalisation and internationalisation of markets, companies have to continuously adapt the quality of their products and services to the needs of their customers so they can stay competitive.
The PrimaV® Quality management module supports your processes from the delivery of the raw materials, all the way to the moment when the end-product leaves the factory. The module is all about sustainable optimisation in the procurement, processing and control of your materials. With the PrimaV® Quality management module, you can achieve a continuous and significant improvement of your products.

Control your processes

From the delivery of raw materials to the finished product

Receipt of goods:

  • Incoming material inspection

Process planning:

  • Material release request

Production data acquisition:

  • Defined sampling procedure in the production process of printing/punching
  • Creation of sheet control certificate

Quality assurance of finished goods:

  • Approval of yield / rejects
  • Creation of the final inspection certificate