Workflow & Organizer

Intranet and seamless communication – The path to a truly paperless office

PrimaV® Workflow

Your customer calls – you interactively create a basic info sheet for the requested product using your checklist – or…

You receive an e-mail – it automatically gets labelled as an enquiry email and product data is added to it, using the checklist.

The completed checklist is then electronically forwarded, along with all the information needed.

The benefits: You don’t have to work with texts, but with useful information that can be directly processed. The information is stored in a structured and ordered system. All processes are handled in a clear and transparent way. Inter-departmental communication is solely electronic – say goodbye to handwritten notes or misunderstood texts. No more misunderstandings due to awkward games of telephone. All the order and process status information is at hand for your authorised team members.

PrimaV® Organizer

The PrimaV® Organiser is an integrated communication module, with Outlook functionality. It allows your staff to communicate electronically via your company’s intranet, while also offering seamless communication with external partners (customers, suppliers, etc.) through the direct dispatch (e-mail or fax) of documents such as offers, order confirmations or invoices from the ERP system. You can display e-mail addresses and store templates. Find all your customer or process data in one place, perfectly summarised, alongside attachments and follow up reminders. Your staff can view enquiries, orders and processes whenever needed, add additional info, and process them further.

PrimaV® Schedule

With the help of PrimaV® Schedule, you can have a clear overview of all business appointments, and even staff absences. Invite meeting participants, set reminders or store appointment processes. An interface with PrimaV Time Tracking data enables you to automatically transfer data on absences due to holiday, sick days, etc. from the time tracking sheets. Numerous filter and authorisation settings ensure tailored setup options for individual employees or departments.